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Monday, January 10, 2011

GIVE AWAYS & Studio News

First thing's first.  From now until the end of February I will hold a draw for every 50 people that follow my Facebook page and this blog.  Every time either site reaches another 50, I will hold a draw for items such as art prints, pendants, art supplies, mini-originals and more...so make sure you follow both, and tell your friends, too!

Today I am working on a few things in my studio.  I am patiently awaiting my art prints, both canvas and watercolour, getting my book ordered, working on a couple of watercolours, and finishing up some ATC's for a swap I am in...

I'm a bit frustrated with my ATC's (artist trading cards).  Mostly because my work area is a disaster-to say the least- and I am not finding all that I want, where I want, when I want.  Frustrating because I don't have the time to get it organised, yet it is creating more trouble by being in it's current state.  I may have to bite the proverbial bullet and just get it done.  *sigh

On a much brighter note, though cold, the sun is shining brightly.  Who couldn't be inspired?!!  I will soon be venturing out to check the post to see if more journal pages have arrived for the monthly journal page swap I organise over on Milliande's Art Community for Women (check it out and join if you haven't already). Soaking it up while it lasts. January and February are usually so dark!

I did, shortly after blogging the other day, break down and get into my pendant making supplies. What fun!  Another arty addiction in the making.  I will be so glad to get my etsy shop up and running so I can share these things with people! 

On my 'going green' front, I'm busy detoxing..well sort of.  Last year I had spent some time going raw vegan (this is when you don't eat anything that has been heated over a 115 degrees, raw veg/fruits, seeds and nuts).  I loved it.  My kids protested.  It was somewhat short lived (3 months).

 I did, during that time, drop weight and felt amazing- clean on the inside.  No headaches, joint pain, clear mind, slept wonderfully, etc.  SO, I'm going at it again- but slower.  Easing the household (and myself) into it a meal or two at a time.  Admittedly, it is difficult living in a cold climate and not eating hot food.  There is a lot to consider and a lot of planning involved. I envy those in Southern California who have no problem getting fresh organic produce in January.  How does this help my 'going green' efforts?  Well it is all about reducing the amount of meat consumed (large scale farming has a horrific impact on the Earth and our environment), and less waste.  When eating raw there tends to be little garbage produced, as most everything can go in the compost.  Just thinking about it makes me smile and dream of spring.  I can't wait to get my hands dirty planting a garden.  What valuable lessons for children, too.  Awareness of where exactly one's food is coming from, how it is made/grown/produced.  It's all about THINKING.  As a society we don't tend to do a lot of that anymore- just go to the store and buy...but I digress.  I can smell my 'bread' in the dehydrator now...mmmmm.

If you would like to try some raw recipes, I recommend this blog: http://thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com/2007/03/this-blogs-recipe-index.html

Enjoy your day!


  1. Gosh that raw diet sounds tough, but I will look into it out of curiosity! You have so many projects on the go - get that work space sorted, you know you'll feel better for it.

  2. You're right! I will feel better. It's on my 'to do' list for today.

    As for going 'raw', the most difficult thing is changing one's perception about food and eating. I try to think of my food as fuel for my body, and attempt to put the best into the 'tank'. It's really a lifestyle change more than a 'diet' per se- though some people do it as a dieting technique. I would advise, if you have any health problems, to consult a nutritionist to make sure you get enough nutrients, etc.

  3. Loved the idea of the raw vegan food so might have a crack at that myself, I have never been a great cook anyway so it might work lol.

    Give yourself a break and take time out to have fun cleaning out your studio when you come across a lot of the things that you couldn't find you will be delighted with yourself.

    I love they Angel that you produced and would love to get a copy of your book when it is published so do let me know where I can buy a copy.

    Have a great week my friend, love and hugs Helen xx