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Friday, January 7, 2011

Folk Art Angel Tutorial

Blogging twice in one week?! Unheard of!  Well my friends, what can I say? I feel like sharing.

Last year I wanted to make a little something 'folky' to hang.  With nothing specific in mind at first, I came up with this angel.  Here is a tutorial on how I made it.  (It was one of the projects that kept me from blogging, so I felt I should share it!) While I did make the angel in November, I wasn't really thinking about Christmas.  In fact, she still hangs in my livingroom. 

This tutorial also ties in nicely to my new goal of cutting down on consumerism and being more 'green'.  All these items I had on hand from other projects- no additional supplies were purchased.  It literally cost me nothing to make.  Who knows, I may make one for someone as a gift in the coming year.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share with others, link my blog, post comments, and of course ask questions.

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