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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm having issues. There are too many things I want to do, and too little time. A common problem of mine. As my children work to devise their summer 'to do' lists, I am feverishly wrapping up projects so that I can focus my energy and attention on the two people who matter most to me. So what have I been doing you ask?
Well first, and what I enjoy thoroughly, I finished up a commission piece. Getting it packaged and posted has taken me longer than it needed to, not really sure WHY. The Universe intervened for SOME reason I suppose...

I also wanted to finish up some 'Swapping' goodness. I love art swaps. I have no other vices, a statement I use to justify my excessively high rate of swap participation. I have been running an on-going 'Art Tag' swap on Milliande Art Community for Women (love that group). I had received a lovely set of tag books and was wanting to reciprocate with something special for this new, and very dear, friend. I decided to try my hand at creating a paper-bag book to house the tags I made her...I think I'll make a tutorial on this at some point...like I need another project!!

I finished up another set of tags and have one more set to go before I officially close that particular swap. On top of this I am finishing some journal pages for an on-going journal page swap I run, and have also started another art doll swap (also on Milliande's). This time the theme is 'Nature Goddess', which should yield some very interesting and beautiful results. I'm still trying to track down some participants from the previous swap, and fingers are tightly crossed that all dolls have been shipped.
Many other swap ideas are circling around my head...like water around the plug hole I'm afraid, as often I am so easily sidetracked by MORE fabulous ideas that I need to constantly remind myself to stay focused!
This all said, I hope you enjoy what I've been working on.

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