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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art Doll Tutorial

I am attempting to upload a short video showing how I recently made my papier mache art doll to swap on Milliande Art Community for Women. For some reason taking ages, but eventually I hope you enjoy it! Question? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

I ran this particular swap, and set few limitations for the participants. I just requested the dolls be approximately 3-6" in height- but could be made of any material(s). The swap had 18 participants and has produced some amazing art dolls.

I wanted to do something I hadn't in a long time, papier mache. I love working with papier mache, but had never made something like this before (hinged doll). I definately learned a lot from the process, things to consider next time, etc. I like to work with what I have around me rather than going out and buying project specific items (though sometimes projects DO require a 'certain something'). I find it challenging to do this and enjoy having to stretch my imagination.

I'm already planning another doll swap...if you'd like to participate, please consider joining Milliande Art Community for Women. You'll find me in the 'Swaps' Sub-group! ;)

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