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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Art Doll Swap in Progress...

So I decided to run an art doll swap on Milliande's Art Community for Women. There was a wonderful response, with 18 participating. All dolls are due to be posted by June 5th. I thought I would document my process.
After much consideration and trial, I decided to create a paper mache doll to swap. I had set the criteria as having to measure between 3-6".

Remembering a small wooden ballerina that used to sit atop my great grandmother's music box (that forever sat on my mother's dresser- now in pieces I think), I sculpted the body parts using a paper mache mixture that was fine enough to use almost like modelling clay. (I will post a tutorial in a few days- but here are some still shots).

I'm still working on the finishing touches, and have realised that my initial thought to make her a doll on a stand is actually a good idea- but I made her without a hole for a post, so am still figuring the best way to go about adding one now....stay tuned....

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