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Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Morocco- how you do so make our bellies dance.

Stay-cation location two- Morocco.  This stop was a little less intense than Egypt, but enjoyable.  This time we made some lanterns (tea light holders), Fatima's Hand symbols, and tried out belly dancing - or as it is properly known, Asian Dance.  The latter resulting in histerical laughing and surprisingly sore forearms.

Food- once again amazing.  I don't have a Tagine.  I had thought of fashioning one out of a terra cotta pot and base, but I couldn't find one big enough.  SO, I used a dutch oven instead and it was still amazing and new flavours to us- so a success in our books!

Tomorrow we hit Senegal. We will be attempting to dye fabric and make African dolls, batik pillows, and perhaps do some fabric printing as well...it will just depend on how crazy the other two activities get!!  Everyone is still having a great time, and our summer journal pages are filling up with evidence of a summer staycation well spent.

Breaking up our faux vacation was time with friends at a cottage they rented.  Miss E and Mr O enjoyed lounging in this camping hammock.  Swimming,canoeing, crayfish catching, hammock swinging, hamburger eating and marshmallow roasting- what more could we have asked for?!


  1. Miss E and Mr O you have a wonderful MOTHER !

  2. Fun in the sun - nothing can beat it :)