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Saturday, July 30, 2011

African Adventures Continue...

The children have been away this past week visiting their grandparents.  A great opportunity for me to plug away at some commissions and re-group from our world travels!

We finished Morocco with making Fatima's Hands to hang for good luck.  Then we made our way South to Senegal.

Here we dined on a delicious peanut chicken dish with rice.  I think the food has been my favourite part of stay-cationing.  We made some African dolls and printed fabric.  We didn't have any dried gourds to make stamps with, but potatoes are always available!!  Great activities for hot days on the porch.

We're not entirely sure what we are going to do with our printed fabric, but we're leaning toward making pillows.

During this time, we were having a very real heat wave in Ontario.  We took a day off from stay-cationing to hit the beach.  What a beautiful beach it is...Lake Dore is Canada's largest lake without an island, and the sand bar extends very far out (we ventured about half a mile from shore and could still easily touch, with no sign of it dropping off).  As a result the water was SO warm.  It was a lovely day with friends.

Another hot day prompted African inspired painting, as we travelled to South Africa.  Miss E decided to take a more abstract approach, while Mr.O used his toy elephant as a model. 
Finally, before leaving, we took in the local fair.  The children wait all year for this, and as always, it did not disappoint.  Next week we shall continue on!  Hopefully it will be cool enough to attempt our batik and basket weaving before leaving Africa and heading to Australia!


  1. What a wonderful and clever idea to visit different countries while at home. I may borrow this idea next summer.

  2. Miss E and Mr O seem to have their Mum's flair for art! and it look likes Africa was perfectly planned including the heat.

  3. This is great Nina - you do make me smile :)
    Hugs Lois