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Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Shine or Not to Shine...

 Nothing in life is taken for granted as much as the knowledge that the sun will shine again... Oh, that sounds deep (feel free to quote me on that).  

It would seem that the sun has been having some sort of internal struggle lately (to shine or not to shine). All winter we cling to the knowledge that spring will someday appear.  Now that spring has sprung, it is a natural assumption that the sun will shine and it will be wonderful.  However, while the sun has made a few appearances here and there, so far our spring calender has been a bit grey.  A day or two of sunshine is really only a tease; enough to keep us hoping, dreaming. While the sun seems happy today, there are dark clouds edging their way in every once and a while, and a rather cold breeze still lingers (my neighbour is outside in a toque).  This is a sharp contrast to only a week ago when we were feeling a great deal of humidity and expecting thunder storms.

I suppose in some ways, my expectations of spring are nothing more than 'ideals'.  The problem with clinging to ideals is that such practice only leads to continued disappointment, as they can never really be obtained. Ideals are goals, ambitions, something to be strive toward.  It is no secret -spring has utterly failed to meet my expectations so far.  This thought does, however, lead me to deeper ones.  What other ideals am I clinging to that are only creating blocks in my thinking or experiencing life to the fullest?

Hum...I guess I'll have to pull up a seat in the sun (while it's shining) and think a little more on it

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  1. I know how you feel Nina I usually feel the same about summer at least this year we have had a wonderful spring.