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Friday, June 17, 2011

Crashing Computers, Too Many Papers, And A Postal Strike!

Part of me cannot believe it has been over a month since my last post, but the other part of me knows just how difficult it has been to find the time.

One of my biggest and most frustrating obstacles has been my computer not liking the Ning networks lately.  With me being a 'Fire Fly' over on Milliande's Art Community for Women, it is making it very difficult to comment and monitor swaps and RAAKS (random acts of art kindness) as I would like.  Also, I'm signed up for a SuziBlu workshop, but am not able to use the site easily because it too is a ning site.  The result has been me searching for updates for my browser (firefox) and hoping it helps the situation.  If I try to go back to internet explorer, I'm sure my laptop will explode!

In addition to this is the inability to access my studio at the moment.  In a brief moment of gumption, I decided that I needed to sort through the closets in my home.  Naturally this has resulted in piles of things needing new homes, etc, and it all ended up in my workspace (for what was supposed to be a week and has now lasted nearly a month).  My goal next week is to re-claim my space and sort the piles of mystery papers that have landed on my desk!!

To top EVERYTHING off, Canada post is on strike.  The rotating strikes at first weren't too bad, but this whole lock-out situation is getting to me.  I have swap things to get out!  I really dislike people having to wait.

A positive though- I have started a group called Art In Hand.  My hope is that artsy and craftsy people (such as those reading) will help me in this.  I am attempting to assemble small art kits and hand crafted items for children living in women's shelters...well at least that's the FIRST project.  I'm needing people to sew bags to hold the art supplies, as well as make slippers (something the shelter nearest me said identified as a need).  So if you are reading this, and like to sew, knit, crochet, please visit www.art-in-hand.net and see how you can help.  If that [sewing]seems too much, please also consider donating art supplies or used crayons (which I can melt down and mould into new ones). If you are on Facebook, look up (and 'like') the fan page Art in Hand, which shows the following photo as it's profile image.

I'm desperately trying to get photos of things/projects taken, edited and posted.  More to come...

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