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Monday, August 30, 2010

Another swap complete...

I have hosted yet another art doll swap on Milliande Art Community for Women.  This doll was to be a Nature Spirit Doll and have at least three natural elements.  Of course when I first posted the swap I had not considered potential customs issues, especially with Australia who has very strict policies.  After sorting through pages and pages (and pages) of the post office customs policy binder, I ended up dividing people by continent to limit potential problems (especially after participants recounted horror stories of other art dolls being burned by their customs officials because of prohibited materials).

This is the doll I created.  Her name is Grace and she was shipped with a wand of lavender and a note that read:

Greetings Friend!

My name is Grace. I am so looking forward to living with you. I am known as a 'crone' goddess because I'm considered by some to be elderly- but I think age is a state of mind!! Regardless, I have lived a long time, and offer my wisdom and comfort to you. I am the Goddess of Compassion, Mercy, and Balance. I am a reminder that 'grace' is something one can never have too much of.

My face has been sculpted of clay and painted with watercolours. I am a prayerful and meditative old elf, so that is why my eyes are closed. I use my raspberry walking stick to hike into the woods and make my bonfire. The stick is a reminder to maintain balance in your life. My cloak is muslin that has been dyed with tea. My hair is naturally dyed wool, and my wood sack is burlap with a raffia strap. I decided to pack my jade pendant. Jade, like me, brings serenity, wisdom and balance.

I often invite all my elf and fairy friends to join me in the moonlight, so don't be surprised if 'funny' things happen close to the full moon! I burn lavender to draw love and balance emotions. I burn raspberry to bring protection, draw love, and promote healing. I packed my seashell so that I may 'smudge' your home when I arrive, clearing any unwanted negativity and drawing love and restoring balance to the energy in my new home. Don't worry, I'll do it while you are sleeping.

I like working by moonlight best. I was so glad to be shipped to you on a full moon! I think I shall sneak out of my packaging to catch a glimpse and offer a prayer or two to the Universe for you. I've also brought my scrolls to burn on my fire- they say 'compassion', 'mercy' , and 'grace' (of course) and the Universe is sure to bring these to you now that I am here.

I am so glad to be joining you. I hope you put me somewhere I can see the moon at night?

Much Love and Blessings,


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