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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've been trying for ages to find soft pastels. FINALLY, after months of anxiously checking art supply sections of various stores in my area (of these there are few), there they were...calling to me sweetly. Not a big selection, not top quality little pots with the fancy applicators...but this lone pack, hanging from it's assigned peg, dangled in the air as though for that moment it had the wings of an angel.

"Buy me, buy me!" the package whispered excitedly as I approached- the world now moving in slow motion... I reached, I grabbed, I exclaimed (perhaps a bit too loudly) "OKAY!!"

I pressed them to my chest and headed for the cash so we could formally begin our time together.

Then it occurred to me, as I sit at home staring at the freshly opened pack, each stick with it's sharp corner waiting to create something magnificent, that I had never USED soft pastels. SO, like anything worth while in life, I was going to have to practice, practice, practice.

Here are some of my practice pieces. :)


  1. BEAUTIFUL:) Would you mind if I posted your art on my blog with a little blurb about how awesome I think you are??? LOL:) You are incredible and though I don't know how many people will see it, everyone that does should know!

  2. Oh Laura, of course you can. :) Maybe just put a link? Hope you're well!!