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Thursday, May 20, 2010

And so it begins....

Four years ago I started a page on MySpace. I was very good about posting my blog entries...for a few months anyway. Now in my defence I did move which caused a slight departure from writing...(okay, okay,okay I forgot about it).

Then came Facebook. By the time I made contact with all the people I went to high school with, and a few from college, the excitement was over. Do I really need to know that Sally Smith* is taking a shower or that her son has a runny nose? (*I do not actually know a Sally Smith, just an example. My apologies if that is your name.)

Last year I started a website for my art work (www.ginger-pickles.webs.com) and there too I began 'blogging'. I removed the application when it became apparent that I am not always the most dedicated blogger. Not only that, I like to write about 'life' in general, and didn't feel it 'fit' with the website.

HOWEVER, here I am. On an actual blogging website. That's it. I'm now committed to the cause. No excuses from here on in. I WILL blog (she says with hesitant confidence).

So WELCOME. Get comfortable, tell your friends, check back every week, start your bets on how long this will last, do whatever you must, but DO come back.

Here I will be posting samples of my art, tutorials, contests and more...stay tuned!


  1. Hi Nina,
    I have followed you here and will follow your blog and I so get what you are saying about blogging regularly-

    you can follow my name to my blog if you like or I will see you at Millandes