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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wooden Bead Runes for Divination

Those of you who have read my previous posts may recall that I purchased a bag of wooden beads at a thrift store a while back with no intended purpose.  For those of you who didn't read my previous post- I purchased a bag of wooden beads at a thrift store a while back with no intended purpose.  Now that everyone is up to speed...

I decided to use some of the beads to make my own set of Runes.  I've always been curious about reading runes, but for some reason found them a bit intimidating.  Today, for no particular reason, I felt compelled to give them a go.  I had been reading about Earth Centred activities to do as a family, and the book I was reading suggested using dried Lima beans.  Due to an unfortunate kindergarten arts and craft incident a few years back (which resulted in taking my son to a children's hospital to get one removed from his nose), I tend not to keep dried beans in the house...but I did have this big ol' bag of wooden beads (too large for nostrils and well out of reach)!

Making Runes requires 25 beads (or beans, stones, wood chips, whatever you are using).  I then used a permanent marker to draw on the various symbols.  I used a dark bead for the blank Rune (Mystery).  Rune symbols and meanings can be found readily on the Internet, should you find yourself interested in this activity. You may wish to lightly sand the surface of the bead.  If my wood burner was working (*sigh) I would have burned the symbols into the wood.

Because I am unfamiliar with the symbols, I wrote their meaning on the back as well.  I consider this my 'starter' set.  You then put them in a bag of some kind, shake them gently as thinking of a question, and reach in.  Mix them up a bit, and draw 3 Runes.  These will give you the same as a 3 card Tarot spread.  Past- Present-Future.

My three Runes were exactly what I've been getting in Tarot spreads and messages through meditation and dreams.  I was delighted, and took it as a sign that I did everything correctly.

I should point out, the beads have been stored in my work room- which I smudge regularly.  Before you use your Runes, I suggest you 'cleanse' them of energy.  Place them in the sun for a few hours, or in a window sill for a full moon.  If you are using stones, you could rinse them in salt water- but you will have to let them dry before writing on them (obviously).  You could also smudge them using the smoke from incense, dried sage, lavender, etc..

Another suggestion for using divination tools (any kind), is to be mindful of how you are wording your questions.  Cut and dried questions don't really work well.  You are best to ask questions like "what do I need to know about...." "what information can help me...." .  This is much more 'open' to receiving answers through divination tools such as Runes or Tarot.  Save your yes and no questions for a pendulum.

So give them a try!



  1. These look good Nina i think it would have been very fiddly to use a wood burning tool.

  2. You're right, Mary. I would likely have burnt myself.

  3. Nina, I really like these! What a great idea. Although, I don't really do divination, I would use these wonderful beads in charms. You marked them so perfectly!

  4. Nina, you are the first person, besides myself, that I heard smudges their studio! I was beginning to think I was the only one...
    thank you for the insightful post!
    Beth P
    P.S. I am your newest follower :D