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Friday, February 18, 2011


Solitude.  It's not really the same as being alone or lonely.  It's a chosen state of mind which allows one to reflect, grow, and reach toward something great. As winter nears an end (hopefully), I am using the last of it's quiet energy to reflect and embrace it's wisdom.  Solitude allows the quieting of the mind, and a connection to powers and forces greater than us.  It is in this quiet I am able to connect with myself on a more soulful level, and move forward into the spring with new life.

Originally, I couldn't think what to name this piece.  I have since decided on 'Solitude', as it reflects my current state of mind. The tree sits in rest, stillness, waiting for the warmth of the spring's sun to signal a readiness to blossom.  All the buds (ideas, groundwork) were formed last year, and have sat dormant over the cold winter months- now anticipating their growth, as the Earth Mother begins to bring her grand plan to fruition.

“Language... has created the word "loneliness" to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word "solitude" to express the glory of being alone.”

~Paul Tillich quotes


  1. What a beautiful work at art. ~Cassie

  2. Thank you. Oh! And thank you for the 'thank you' card. lol. It's lovely.